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Baby Store - the best free Shopify themes for kids store

Baby Store - the best free Shopify themes for kids store

Bzzzz. TGIF! It's good to enjoy this Friday with the first article on our free theme. Baby Store is one of our 5 free Shopify themes that have just been released in this April. In this article, I'll show you a glimpse at this excellent free theme, as well as why you should get it now for your new kid’s shop.

  1. Baby Store - an overview
  2. 4 reasons why this Shopify theme the right choice for your new shop
  3. How to get Baby Store? (and more!)

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Baby Store - an overview

Baby Store shopify theme preview

Shopify Baby Store theme 1 layout style. You can use this theme for a store selling any types of products for kids. For example, kids clothing store, kids toy store, kids accessories store, etc.

Here's a preview of the Baby Store demo

4 reasons why this Shopify theme the right choice for your new shop

Reason #1: Based on sections

We built Baby Store on the latest theme structure of Shopify called sections.

sections in Baby Store's homepage

 An overview of the header section in Baby Store’s homepage. The header is a fixed section and it always appears on all pages of the store.

Premade theme sections in Baby Store allows you to customize your shop's homepage just in few minutes. Here we have packed essential sections for any kid store, such as header, main slideshow, product collection list, etc. If you sell branded products, you can also use the “logo list" section to show product brands.

Reason #2: Mobile-first design

This Shopify Baby Store theme is built on the mobile-first philosophy. According to a blog post on Shopify Plus Blog, mobile-first design does help merchants improve sale performance on mobile. That says this theme has been optimized for even smallest device screens. We have reduced unnecessary elements to make this theme look clean, focused, and work for your business. Based on this philosophy, this theme can help you boost conversion rate on mobile devices. A typical problem in eCommerce now can be resolved with Baby Store.

Reason #3: Pre-made page layouts ready to use

We understand that new Shopify store owners have a limited time for shop setup. In the theme package, we have already included important pages for an online kid store, including the homepage, about, shop pages.

Reason #4: Free

You can get Shopify Baby Store theme for free. We understand that setup budget is a big problem for you at first stage. Therefore, we built this Shopify Baby Store theme without any additional costs. You can use this theme on your store free forever. We promise.

How to get Baby Store? (and more!)

You can get this Shopify theme for free in an ultimate bundle of 5 themes. It's super simple! Just download our free Shopify theme package here.

And don't hesitate to write down your feelings on Baby Store right here. If you have any problems while using this theme, please also indicate your questions here or buzz us via email. We'd love to hear your feedback to improve Baby Store for better usage.

In the upcoming blog posts, I'll provide you detailed reviews of the 4 remain Shopify themes. Stay tuned!


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