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What we do

Research & Analyze

With years of expertise in Google Analytics, we can produce insightful researches and analyze the customers' behaviours profoundly. Understanding the customers thoroughly helps you connect with them and gain their loyalty like never before.

A/B Testing

We are living in the 4.0, where changes happen in seconds - from trends, news, interests and even behaviours. That's why A/B testing is the best way to improve content engagement, reduce bounce rates and essentially grow conversion rates for your business.

Execute & Apply

"Are you guys doing too much of theoretical works?" - said no one ever. A new application in only 1 month. A gamification project in 2 weeks. A holiday marketing campaign in 1 week. Give us the topic and a deadline, we make it happen, smooth and sweet.

Was looking for a way to create better looking pages for a website and found this app. It works amazing and gives you a way to create better looking pages with more features than Shopify's standard way to create pages, especially if the page is not a product page.
The best thing of all- I accidentally deleted this app after spending hours creating 2 pages. I thought I lost everything and had to start from scratch. I installed the app again... and there were all my pages back again as if I never deleted the app! This is what made me write this review and I was so relived and happy to find the app actually remembers you and the pages you created so you don't loose all the work you did. I was so happy! A huge Thank you goes to the developers for that.
Amazing app and best of all it's FREE!

Korhan Saka - Shop owner

Awesome app, awesome support, awesome people! The team at Sellersmith answer immediately and solve doubts satisfactorily. I like PageFLy!!! Great job guys!

Matías Hernández - CEO & CTO of Velitessport2 

Nice try, and awesome service from sellersmith team! No matter what question I ask, pretty girl Vian all answered with great patience. And you can easily find it good for use. 
Btw, I know the APP from Shopify team.  Great APP and also with a nice price!  Wish better service in future!

Beyond - CEO of BentoBen

The best app for Shopify! I can built even very complex designs and it is very easy to use. Just a little practice and you can built whatever you want. Perfect mobile integration too. Finally, very fast and effective Customer support available.

Korhan Saka - Shop owner

I can't even BELIEVE how great this app is. Other apps are comparatively very basic, and don't offer a lot of customization. With PageFly, I built pages EXACTLY how I wanted them to operate and look. It's also fairly intuitive to use, after a bit of experimenting. Thank you for such a quality product!

Pamela McVey - Co-Owner, Make & Stow

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