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Shopify 90 Day Free Trial 2020 Myth or reality?

Shopify 90 Day Free Trial 2020 Myth or reality?

Updated: May 25, 2020

You have been wondering whether Shopify offers a 90 Day Free Trial for 2020 or not? When you google, 90 free trial days are popping up and you get curious. In this blog post we'll cover our research and investigation and answer the main question: how many Shopify trial days can you get Today?


"At present you can register with Shopify and try any plan on a 14-day free trial basis. However, in Google search and related e-commerce and marketer forums there has been discussion about a possible Shopify 60-day free trial. Is this real, and can anyone access this exclusive privilege? We’ve done some digging to try and shed some light on these rumors for you. Let’s continue with the details."

- Above sentence I have written about a year ago and it was very relevant by 2019. Shopify offered different trial days for exclusive partners. In order to get the exclusive Shopify trial days from 21 up to 60 you'll need to signup with Shopify at the secret landing pages.

Only the Shopify exclusive partners with their audience know the link. Otherwise, no way to find it. However, it's different in 2020 and we have exciting news for you. Shopify offers a 90 Days Free Trial and you don't need to use any coupon code, not credit card, just an email to sign up.

You might be wondering why the offer exists and what's the expiration date. Today is May 25 and Shopify was running this offer about 3 weeks ago. The reason behind such long trial days? It's because Covid-19 and it takes more time for new merchants to launch the business. Shopify understands that and acts with a great initiative. So if you consider to open your own online store, signup with Shopify Today.

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Signup with Shopify 90 days free trial

Now, please keep reading if you’re interested in our 21 to 60 days Shopify Free Trial journey.


  1. Shopify free trial 60 day. Is this real?
  2. Maybe Shopify 45 day trial? Let’s do a quick research
  3. And now there is the only Shopify 30 day trial registration link
  4. Why we should choose the Shopify paid plan? Not the Trial plan? 

shopify free trial 14 days

Shopify free trial 60 day. Is this real?

We’ve delved deep into the rumors surrounding the Shopify 60-day free trial.. Through intensive Googling we’ve found out that we were not alone in our search. After moving from website to website the brand name “xxx” popped up (we cannot disclose the details). We dug ever deeper into that partner link and finally found what we had been so tenaciously searching for. Unfortunately, the link does not exist anymore and if you type it directly, it’ll redirect you to the homepage of Shopify website.

google search shopify trial


Maybe Shopify 45 day trial? Let’s do a quick research

Shopify 45-day free trial is also an attractive amount of time to try out Shopify and fully experience the platform with Shopify theme and apps. So we searched again and found out the mysterious “xxx” partner was a trusted partner of Shopify. However, the offer was once again unavailable at that time - we could only find the page of the partner with the clear message “Start your free 45-day trial today!” call to action. It would seem the offer was too good to be true.


And now there is the only Shopify 30 day trial registration link?

You can now get the benefit of the Shopify free trial above the standard period. Below is the image of the Shopify landing page with a 1-month free trial. Register now so you can take this benefit, because Shopify seemingly changes the trial period unpredictably.

UPDATE. July 26, 2019: the link doesn’t exist anymore and the promotion just ended.


shopify free trial exclusive deal

Another case we have found that you can go directly to the Shopify site of the Philippines domain then you’d see the 30 days free trial sign up the link. It’s clear that the free trial time is quite different within different markets. This is ostensibly because some markets take more time to learn the product and see the “value” in it. The learning curve requires time and experimentation so use 30-day free trial to fully understand what Shopify can do for you.

Also, to make sure it works and doesn’t break the Shopify TOS (Terms of Services), I contacted the Shopify gurus and they confirmed that the trial is available only in Philippines businesses. So if you’re not in the Philippines, I’m afraid there is no such free trial period.

In any case, regardless of 30, 45 or 60 days, the Shopify platform is so easy to use and it works like a charm. Grab your credit card and register for a Shopify plan today. Fear not, as actual charges would only be applied at the end of a trial period. So your credit card won’t be charged at all!

If you’re wondering which Shopify plans to choose with free trial consider to spend 5 minutes with this blog review.

register shopify 30 days trial shopify Philippines


Why we should choose the Shopify paid plan? Not the Trial plan?

Keep in mind when you sign up for Shopify trial at the bottom of the page you’d see the notification bar asking you to choose the plan. If you are only intending to test the platform then it is not necessary to insert the credit card information. However, if you want to discover Shopify apps and install them on your store, only free Shopify apps can be installed on a trial.. Paid apps require you to have a paid Shopify subscription plans.

choose shopify plan

When you click on the “Select a plan” button you will be redirected to the plan selections page. Today is May 8, 2019, so in my case I only needed to choose the plan and set a reminder to cancel before June 8 if I don’t have needs for a paid Shopify subscription. Even if I forget to cancel the subscription contacting Shopify will definitely resolve the issue. They have 24/7 support timeframe. 

clear shopify plan charge message

 I tried a quick experiment with the installation of a paid Shopify app. After confirming the installation of the app I’m redirected to the “edit credit card” page. In order to use the paid app I am required to fill in my credit card information.

upgrade the credit card on shopify for the paid plan


That’s all for now, so we hope you have found this blog post useful and start your own business with a 90-day Shopify free trial. The Shopify platform is really powerful and worth trying to verify whether or not it fits your needs. If you’re ready to get started with your own online entrepreneurial experience feel free to click button below.

Register Shopify 90 days trial


The featured blog post photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

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