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Shopify Debut Theme Review 2019: Solution for newbies to start to build online stores

Shopify Debut Theme Review 2019: Solution for newbies to start to build online stores

If you are a Shopify store owner, there is no doubt you’ll be using Shopify themes. Also, thinking about what theme to use is one of the very first things to do when setting up a new store. In this blog post, I will check out the Shopify Debut Theme, the stock theme that comes pre-loaded on all Shopify stores, which is a good solution for newbies who are starting to build the online stores.

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Debut Theme for Shopify Stores

Debut is a sleek and flexible Shopify theme that can be used for all kinds of stores. 

As the name of this theme says, Debut theme is a great choice for any store owners or the newbies who make their first debuts in the eCommerce world.

You will be overwhelmed by a large number of Shopify themes and get confused do not know what should start with, then the Debut theme is surely the right choice for you. Because of its professional looking and simple, it will provide the users with a classy and sophisticated view of their stores. 

What is better than a totally free theme with a professional look!

Why Debut Theme is an Ideal Choice for Shopify Store Owners

Debut Theme is definitely a great choice for some reasons

  • Begin to sell on your stores without making lots of customization to your store theme. In this post, I will show you some simple tutorials about Shopify debut theme customization. 
  • Even if you know a little technical knowledge, you can easily make a gorgeous looking store that makes customers feel easy to access to all your beautiful product lists.
  • Display well on many devices such as mobile and desktop.
default-mobile light-mobile
  • Debut theme store is a speed assessment that helps Shopify stores loads faster. This is an important issue because it affects your SEO. Page loading time that Google uses to be a ranking factor. The more your website loads fast, the better placement your website in search results in. Moreover, if your store loads faster, it helps to increase conversions. Customers mostly do like the stores which are professional and responsive with fast loading images and content. Therefore, customers will have better and nicer experiences when accessing to your stores and this can converse into more purchases. And more purchases are what all the store owners are always looking for. I used the Page Load Time tool to run the default demo store to see the fully loaded time and the result was 2.04s.


Where can you find Debut Theme

Shopify Theme Website

You can find and download the Shopify Debut theme directly on Shopify theme website. 


You can find the Debut theme on other websites such as and Shopify Themes & Stores.

These websites also provide some general information about the Debut theme and then link to the Shopify Theme website for you to download.


Shopify Themes & Stores. 


Debut Theme Styles

Shopify Debut theme offers to users two different styles which are Default and Light. Both of them are used very well and suitably for stores. 

Default layout


The Default layout is quite sharp and outstanding which can attract customer’s attention.

Light layout


The Light layout brings a cool and soft look for customers when they get into the stores. It is more comfortable when watching the products and collections when the stores used the Light layout. 

Debut Theme Features

Image size


The recommended image size by the Shopify staff is 1200px to 2000px width, and 400px to 600px height. It is good because when switching to mobile view, the cropping is done so the image on the screen will not be identical. This is an ideal size for banner size. For example, when you set a banner size of 1920 px and 550 px, it may look good on desktop but when you switch to the mobile view, the image will be shady. 


Shopify Help Center suggests an ideal Debut theme image size as the table below


Many store owners often find difficulties in setting and editing the image size, logo size, header image of banner size when they customize their stores using the Debut theme. You can visit Shopify Community to discuss if you also have trouble with them.

There are a large number of store owners here that you can discuss with. 

I can show an example that people discuss banner sizing



Shopify Debut theme provides the slideshow on the Homepage that allows you to display all your products. 

The slideshow also offers a video section that helps customers not to leave the merchant’s website to watch videos on Youtube or Vimeo after the customers click the links. By using Shopify Debut theme, the users can link the videos that they uploaded on Youtube or Vimeo. 


Featured Product


This feature allows you to display your best products and show them in the center of your store’s website. 

You can attract a lot of customer’s interests to your best products in the featured product area.



This is a way to show the customer’s reviews and. This helps to create a trust for your products because of your customer’s feedback. 

Also, people always love to see the other’s reviews and in this way, they will trust your brand more and make decisions to purchase your products. 



At the bottom of the website, the users place a bar for customers submitting their email addresses if the customers want to receive updates from the stores. This helps you to gather your customer’s emails to make your own email marketing campaign. 

Because Newsletter is not displayed available in “Sections” so here the way to add it. From the Shopify admin, go to the Online store, then choose Themes. Then customize the Debut theme. Click “Sections” and then choose “Add section”.


Then find Newsletter in the Promotional tab




The footer is designed at the bottom of the page offers a lot of space to accommodate menus. This is a place for payment options, FAQ, Site map, policies, etc.

The footer is very clean, white and all your links are displayed in a spotless style. The email subscription box is also presented together with social media icons. 

What Shopify Stores currently use the Debut Theme

Here I will show you some typical Shopify debut theme examples which are the Shopify stores using the Debut theme.

Newton Supply Co.




They made bags in Austin, TX with high quality and durable materials.

Bullie and Co.



Bullie and Co. provide Luxury dog chains to put emphasis on your dogs, especially pit bulls.

Toy Depot Store



Welwyn Watch Parts



Chatham Candy Manor




The Debut Theme is a free Shopify theme and it provides many basic features to users who are beginners in building online stores. However, it is still lacking some features that can be different and outstanding. However, if you want high quality and converting theme, the Debut Theme may not be a really good way on the long road in building your stores.

My verdict for the Shopify Debut theme is 3.5 out of 5. The reason why I give this score because it provides basic simple features. But in all fairness, there are a lot of free Shopify themes that bring to you more than the Debut theme. So depending on what you are selling, you can consider other themes which are suitable to your stores. 

That’s what I want to show you based on my personal experience with the Shopify Debut Theme, now the choice is yours. Take it easy and discover more to build your beautiful online store. 

Don’t hesitate to let us know about your favorite themes and why they are your favorite. Also, feel free to see the SellerSmith Blog to update and discuss many things on Shopify. 

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