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Jewelrista - best Shopify themes for jewelry store | Free download

Jewelrista - best Shopify themes for jewelry store | Free download

For almost Shopify starter, the cost is really a big deal. They have to face off a lot of costs, such as the cost for Shopify setup & maintenance, for production, for advertising. That's the reason why we think starting with a free, ready-to-use theme is a good idea.

If you are about to start a jewelry online business, let's check out the free Jewelrista theme - one of the best Shopify themes for jewelry.

  • Free to download
  • Suitable to start a jewelry store
  • Completely mobile responsive
  • Ready-to-use with drag and drop section


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Jewelrista - best Shopify themes for jewelry

Download Jewelrista theme

Jewelrista is designed with the Shopify latest drag-and-drop section to enable the easiest customization. Those dynamic sections are not built to stay in one place. You can rearrange premade sections to create your unique store layouts. In almost all Shopify themes, there are only 2 or 3 fixed sections, and the remains are dynamic ones. 


If you want to have multiple product categories and want to display on the storefront, Jewelrista can be a good choice. The tab structure help you display as many product categories on the homepage as you want. 


Download Jewelrista theme

Besides, we add in Jewelrista some sales boost elements that help merchants sell better:

Product quick view: Whenever a window delays loading, 10% of customer bounces from the website. Product quick view function help the customer to view the product details without reloading the screen

Countdown clock: When there is a present of a countdown clock on the discount items, we feel that the time pass and we are going to lose this discount in a couple of minutes. A countdown clock for discount items may push people to buy as it is running out of time, they really feel the need to hurry up.

Mobile responsive: We realize that 70% of the traffic comes from mobile. Highly mobile responsive deliver a better customer experience and helps convert the mobile traffic into sales. You would not waste a huge amount of traffic just because of poor customer experience

Download Jewelrista theme 

However, a good theme is not enough!

There are a lot of free Shopify theme from SalesHunter Team that you can have a look at, which can be very powerful and fully customized with the help of PageFly Page Builder.

Due to the limit of Shopify themes, you might want to build some landing pages for your products or build highly customizable about us or contact us pages. PageFly is the great solution to give a try with both free and paid subscriptions packages.

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