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Best Shopify themes for clothing store 2018 | Free download

Best Shopify themes for clothing store 2018 | Free download

During more than 1 year serving Shopify merchants, we realize the fact that all Shopify starters a lot of struggles. The most impactful one is about cost. They have to bear a lot of costs: cost for Shopify maintenance, for Shopify apps, for advertising, for production... That's why we suggest that all Shopify starter should start with free themes. Let's check the best Shopify themes for clothing of 2018, made by SalesHunter team:

  • First and for most: All are free
  • Suitable for all clothing, fashion niche
  • Completely mobile responsive
  • Ready-to-use with drag and drop section 

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In this article, you will see:

  1. Elle theme - for minimalistic lovers
  2. Fashionista theme - multiple categories displays
  3. Kidoki theme - best for kids

Now let's check them out, feel free to download if they fit your store

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1. Best Shopify themes for clothing store #1: Elle - for minimalistic lovers


Elle is a minimalist theme that is designed for Shopify clothing store. The really simple design, also the strong point, makes it easier for the customer to focus on the product. Besides, the theme is supported by product quick view and customer review section to help Shopify merchants sell better. Finally, we focus on mobile responsive to deliver the best experience to online shoppers. The Ellle theme is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing store to people who love minimalist.

2. Best Shopify themes for clothing store #2: Fashionista - multiple category displays


If you have multiple product categories and want to display all of them in the front store, Fashionista theme is the best option for you. The tabs structure of Fashionista theme helps you add multiple categories on homepage. Besides, Fashionista theme is designed with a dark/black background, which brings an elegant look and feel, that is most suitable for high fashion. Also, Fashionista theme delivers the best shopping experiences with multiple media support (video) and mobile responsive. The Fashion theme is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing store to people who want to display multiple categories of product.


3. Best Shopify themes for clothing store #3: Kidoki - best for kids


Kidoki is designed with colorful, playful patterns and eye-catching color, that is attractive to kids. If you are selling kid stuff, even clothing or toys, Kidoki theme is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing store that is suitable for you. Besides, the theme is supported by product quick view and mobile responsive to help Shopify merchants sell better.



4. Best Shopify themes for clothing with mobile first design

All Shopify themes for clothing from SalesHunter are created with Mobile first design. According to a report namely “2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus" of comScore indicated that mobile is becoming the first touch point in digital with 65 percent of digital time spent, while desktop usage is decreasing under 35 percent.

Mobile purchase leads one-third of the eCommerce world. Thus responsive Shopify store will bring you more money. That's the reason why we focus on mobile responsive when making those Shopify themes for clothing, but better than that, a mobile-first free Shopify theme.

The below graph clearly illustrates the difference between responsive and mobile-first design.

(Image resource: Soulful Hustle)  

While responsive design starts from the biggest screen, mobile-first one starts on the smallest on, then adapt the design on bigger ones. As announced in the Shopify Unite 2017 in San Francisco, the mobile-first design is the new responsiveness. The mission of mobile-first design is to boost conversion rate on mobile devices. Shopify Plus Blog also mentioned this new design trend.

3. Easier customize with sections.

SalesHunter's Shopify themes for clothing are made with the latest section structure. Sections are customization elements pre-made in a theme. Section brings a visual look to theme customization, unlike the old store editing method (which required too many custom codes). Thus, everyone can use sections to personalize their online store, with no coding skill required

When talking about sections, we talk about 2 parts in Theme Customizer:

  • Sections: each page has a separated section set. A section set can contain one or multiple sections.
  • Section: a section is a content element. E.g.: image gallery is a section.
  • General: general settings affecting all sections on all pages

Benefits of using sections

With the best Shopify themes for clothing that are made with section sections, you have unlimited power to make the most of your Shopify store. Not only use, customize, edit the pre-made section, you can also use custom code editor to create the layout you want

Sections empower the homepage. By default, all Shopify sectioned themes have some built-in sections on the homepage. When using sections, you can:

  • Save your cost: Both in term of time and money, you can save an amount of budget for outsourcing your store’s design at first stage or time to setup on your own
  • Visual editing: The drad-and-drop function make the custom work user-friendly look


Free themes are good but not enough for you to get the first sales, try upgrading your storefront using the PageFly app - Shopify Page Builder, with multiple page element and powerful drag-and-drop editor that help you easily build high-converting, mobile responsive landing page


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