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Introducing 5 best Shopify free themes from SalesHunter Team

Introducing 5 best Shopify free themes from SalesHunter Team

SalesHunter Team just announced the great news with release 5 free Shopify themes for merchants. This is a great opportunity to give a try for free Shopify themes from SalesHunter Team. Now, let’s see why you need to use these free Shopify themes on first shop launch.

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    1. Why do we start with free Shopify themes?
    2. A first glance at 5 free Shopify themes
    3. What's inside SalesHunter free themes
    4. How to get these themes?

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Why start with free Shopify themes?

As a Shopify theme development team, we understand that many new Shopify users (like you!) are struggling with 2 main problems: setup cost and first sale. At first stage, you have limited knowledge and experience on how to start a successful shop. So we are here to make the road less hard for you. From that purpose, we have worked hard to build the 5 best Shopify free themes

With these free themes, you can have an easier start with your online business. Each of these themes follows the latest theme requirements from Shopify. They are also made for ready-use for end-users without advanced coding or design skills.

Now it’s time to explore the magic inside them.

A first glance at 5 free Shopify themes

Shopify SalesHunter theme

Shopify SalesHunter theme is the best theme that is optimized to get the highest sales for your Shopify store. First of all, its homepage is designed with latest drag and drop section, which allows you to customize the homepage easily. Besides, there are many sales-boosting elements that are integrated into product page without using 3rd-party apps such as countdown clock, top announcement bar, up-sell popup... which help you intensively increase sales rate. Last but not least, you can even customize the cart page to avoid abandoned cart and up-sell when customers enter the cart page.

This Shopify theme from the SalesHunter Team is a good choice and a great investment for your new Shopify store. The theme cost $180 with a full year of free support. However you can get it for free if you open a new Shopify Store.

Learn more about SalesHunter theme and deal.

Baby Store

This Shopify Baby Store theme is a great start for any new kid clothing store. On this theme, we have optimized slots for your promotion purpose. Besides the main sliders like other themes, we make 3 secondary slots for other smaller promotions. You can use the top bar either to insert important shop information or to add sale-off coupons. The color tone and typography provides the best support for baby clothing stores. But you can still use this theme for other related topics like baby toys, baby accessories, etc.


Electronics Store

If you want to build an online shop for tech products, this Shopify electronics store theme is a perfect match for you. We have made the navigation bar easy for browsing various product categories. Moreover, the homepage is designed to make the most position for promotion. You can display a coupon right on the top bar, insert a small banner above the navigation menu, or either make some slots for big promotions on the main sliders.


Pet Store

Still searching for a premium Shopify pet store theme? Now you don't have to spend $180 for your new pet store with this free theme. This theme provides a flexible layout with essential elements for a typical online pet store. The navigation bar allows you to create menu items for many product categories. On the homepage, there are many product display spaces, so it's easy for you to show promotions or featured products for various pet groups.


Toys & Games

This Shopify toys theme sounds like Baby Store theme, but we have modified to make it fitted with a toy store. Now it's time to bring a unique look to your new baby store with these colorful layouts. This theme also supports more than one slot for main promotion area. So you can get the notice of your customers for more than one promotion campaign right from the first glance on the homepage.


Watch Store

This minimal Shopify watches theme covers everything that a new watch store needs at first stage. The first highlight is an eye-catching static slider to show your latest watch model. Besides, you can also make the most of the branding information area for branded watches. Apart from other Shopify themes on the market, this one uses a dark color tone. But don't worry about the real look when you start adding product pictures! This layout ensures a beautiful look nice even with white product image background color.


What's inside SalesHunter free themes

Let's explore what makes these themes must-have for your new store.

Based on sections

That's the first and also the most notable highlight that we’d love to tell you about these themes. Shopify has recently updated the theme requirements, and now they prefer sectioned themes. But there are only a small number of themes on the official Shopify market follows sections.

All these 5 Shopify themes support the Shopify theme sections structure. So you can have the full to personalize your online store. Here are some benefits of using a Shopify sectioned theme: 

  • Quick store customization: drag and drop to arrange elements. No more custom codes
  • No coding or design skills needed: you don’t need to waste bucks to hire a freelancer or staff to do theme customizations for you at first phase
  • More power and freedom: you can even create your sections as easy as creating a new blog post with a visual text editor. You can also make changes to your shop on the go, at anytime you like. If you don’t have much time for that, we have all necessary elements packed in these free themes for you.


Unlike other Shopify themes, themes from SalesHunter team are first built on mobile. The idea behind this concept is that we want to bring the best mobile commerce experience even on old and small devices. Based on our themes, your customers can quickly make a sale everywhere, on any devices without too much effort.

AJAX add to cart

No online shop buyer loves the repeated reload.

All SalesHunter free themes apply the AJAX add to cart API. That means your customers can add a new product item to the shopping cart without full page reload.

Clean code

Although not appeared on the official Shopify theme store, SalesHunter Team still build themes based on the Shopify theme requirements. We apply a clean and organized coding standard to all those free themes. We also make many testing rounds before releasing. Thus, our free themes can always run stably on your store without any bugs and errors.

How to get these themes?

Do you want to get one of these best Shopify free themes? You can even get more than that! Go to any theme demo, then click on “Download" button, and you can get all these 5 free Shopify themes via your inbox.

If you have any question about SalesHunter free Shopify themes, please reach them at here for help.

Updated in 2021: Choosing the right Shopify theme is even easier with PageFly's Shopify Theme Detector. Simply find the store you like, run it through our Shopify Theme Checker, and find the Shopify theme and try it out on your store! 

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