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SG Merchant Online Store Ultimate Kit [For MALL retailers and small shops]

SG Merchant Online Store Ultimate Kit [For MALL retailers and small shops]

Living in Singapore and doing the business is not straightforward. You’re the business owners and have the physical storefront, or maybe rent the kiosk in the shopping mall? Customers are crossing your storefront but don’t notice your brand and goods you sell. What’s the issue? Well, this is the common case when it comes to helping merchants to get more customers and increase sales. It starts with building your online presence… creating your online storefront.

Do I really need the online store?

As the business owner, you count every cent and think on ROI (Return On Investment). I guess that you asked this question many times and wondering what the main reason for opening the online store is? Why do I need it if I already have the physical retail location in the crowded shopping mall? Well, customers are moving fast, and even the existence is confirmed, but they don’t notice your brand and products or services you offer. With the technology penetration and mobile customers generation it’s hard to get their attention in the “offline.” The online store might be the solution to solve your problems. Let’s think together on the most three favorite questions to decide open the online store or not?

Question #1 - Does Shopify easy to use and get started?

Shopify had 600,000+ merchants and made with simplicity in the product designing. Shopify is called as “platform,” but in life, it’s simple to use software which allows you to build the online store easy. Shopify has the clear Help Center articles and video as well. So you would understand the system easy within 14 days of free trial.

Btw… Shopify Academy (free) has been released just a few weeks ago, and you can access to the course for free.

shopify academy


Question #2 - What’s the cost?

The cost of initial investment is just $39 SGD, and you have 14 days free trial. To register the account, you’ll need the email address and a credit card. The actual charge will happen only after the trial period. So rest assured there is no instant charge. Besides, if you want to save money, subscribe to a yearly - 2 years - 3 years plans. You’d save money. More details you can learn it here


Question #3 - Can I accept credit cards?

Singapore is one of the limited lists of countries where you can use Shopify Payments. This payment gateway is created and handled by Shopify which allows you to accept major credit cards including VISA, Mastercard, American Express debit and credit cards. Depending on your chosen Shopify plan the charge rate is different. So take into consideration this fact.


So… what’s my investment?

Your time. This is the primary investment, and you have to take into account. You could spend this time with your family or your friends. So just aware that need to cut a little bit this time and invest in your business. It’s not about the hard working; you already have such mindset, but rather about the quick time delegation and dedication.


Shopify seems to be reliable…

Did you know that Shopify went to the IPO in New York by May 21, 2015? That’s true, and this Canadian company shows the insane growth rate since then with ups and downs. In fact, this platform we can trust with the bright direction of the board of directors. The Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke clearly understand the problem of merchants and move the whole company forward to support merchants and “make commerce better for everyone” (c).

shopify stock growth 2018


Let’s take an action… if you still have assumption with Shopify and your store in Singapore read the detailed review about “Opening the Shopify store in Singapore SG? The market fit and cost”. You’ll learn in details how Shopify could help you with building the online store.


SG Shopify Online Store Kit by SellerSmith

With valuable experience in e-commerce and Shopify, we have designed the exclusive “kit” designed for merchants living and doing business in Singapore. “SG Shopify Online Store Kit” gives you all necessary “tools” to build your online store and acquire customers. Subscribing to this package, you’ll get

  1. Shopify 14 Days free trial
  2. TOP 10 Shopify Store checklist by SellerSmith (downlodable)
  3. 2 hour free consultation 1on1 via chat. ($109 SGD)
  4. SalesHunter Shopify theme ($245 SGD)
  5. 2-months PageFly Premium plan ($79 SGD) 



If you have any questions to this exclusive package for Singaporean merchants please mail us at

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