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Top Shopify Singapore stores: a great design and functionality mix.

Top Shopify Singapore stores: a great design and functionality mix.

By July 2018 Shopify covers 600,000+ online stores around the world. I have been traveling and working remotely in Singapore, and have discovered so many retailers here. You can find them in the malls, flea marketplace, or in the typical brick and mortar store types. In this blog post, we’ll cover a business that has chosen Shopify as the e-commerce solution to acquire local and global customers. Let’s take a look at the Singapore Shopify store list.

My Shopify store research started from, and then following the Shopify partners Facebook group and end with Customer Success stories page on Shopify website. In this piece of content, you’d see Shopify store examples of local businesses in Singapore. With each example, I have mentioned things that took my attention and hope you can find it useful.


Shopify Singapore clothing store - Perk by Kate

Just browsing the Shopify Customer success stories, I have stumbled upon Perk by Kate Shopify store selling lingerie products. Ouph… it’s an entirely “hot images” with a beautiful model and collection/product presentation. The layout of this store is a quite simple, but effective from the content delivery point of view.

From top to bottom you can notice

  • Two collections presentation. When clicking on the image, you’ll be redirected to the product collection.
  • Showroom invitation. This store has both an online and offline presence. So you can come to the showroom and give a try with the product to fit the size.
  • Feature products collection. Your attention might come to the specific products right away, so this content section is designed to attract your attention and take action.
  • Special deals / promotions.
  • Cross promotion. The sister brand Withyuu store (also based on Shopify) is perfect fits at the end of this home page.


Perk by Kate


Aerospring Gardens

Aerospring Gardens project combines the great educational content and a shop realization with the Shopify platform. When you land on the homepage of a website you’d see the content section with video introduction about the project.

Aerospring Gardens

What is this page outline the whole concept of the idea and the philosophy behind the project? When I read this page's content, I have learned how these guys solve the problem with gardening from the limited space in Singapore.

aerospring product details


When I first time visited the About Us page, you can feel the “voice” of a founder behind this beautiful project. It starts with the problem with the local food gardening then continue with the solution. The founder's image creates excellent credibility and trust behind this project.

aerospring about page

Lush Furniture

If you’re the owner of the furniture business, Shopify can help you with building the online store. The Lush brand has been operating 13+ years on the Singapore market and moving forward. When browsing this Shopify store, I have noticed at the footer area there is Google Reviews section. The testimonials are the proven way to create the trust and credibility.

lush furniture store 

Lush brand does well with the communication with customers by adding the local phone number and WhatsApp number. The chat is also available and executed through Zendesk Chat app from Shopify store.


Looking further at this store I have visited Lush Blog. This blog concept follows the customer journey path from Google search -> visiting the blog post -> learning better about the product and visit the collection/product page. You can visit the example below via this link  

Excellent utilization of Shopify Blog feature with genuine content that helps merchants with furniture decision.

shopify blog utilization


Axtro Sports

We live in the “gadgets” and electronics world. Each time when I fly to Singapore I visit a local electronics store or Funan Digital Mall. In some way “obsessed” with the digital gadgets and tech like a person. Axtro Sports took my attention and just refreshed my memories with the latest purchase of Fitbit HR Charge in Singapore.


Quick Ajax search, this website function term of how the search function works when you type then the result almost instantly show up for you. This search feature is available on Axtro Sports store, and I like it. I put myself as the customer looking for swimming goggles, and this store helps me with finding the goods.

ajax search of axtrasports shopify store


Another brand located in Singapore and sell the apparel - Sifr. In this case, they sell shirts with a unique design in the production process. The brand has been established by three guys including Suraj, Daryl, and Mariah. The store’s navigation is smooth on both mobile and desktop devices.

sifr shopify store singapore


Other great Shopify stores in Singapore

Shopify platform with supporting components such as Shopify theme and Shopify apps help more and more merchants to build the online presence. “Make commerce better for everyone” (Shopify) comes true and sooner you get started Shopify, more chance you get new customers through the online channel. Let’s take a quick look at other Shopify stores in Singapore.

The Naturally Better Company

The Naturally Better Company 

Chope Deals 

Chope Deals



lembas store











Wrapping up…

From what you and I have seen, Shopify is an excellent solution for helping merchants to grow the online customer acquisition channel. The whole platform is a quite flexible and allow you to build the e-commerce store for different industries and match specific needs of merchants.

In the case, If you’re new to Shopify and e-commerce in general and looking for more information about opening Shopify store in Singapore feel free to read this review. We’ve done in-depth research and combined the knowledge into the single blog post with actionable steps.

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