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Best free Shopify apps that help you win the BFCM 2017

Best free Shopify apps that help you win the BFCM 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2017 will be on November 24th to 27th. It would be the biggest sales event of the year. It is not an opportunity but also a huge battle for all eCommerce store of all sizes, in every market. It is better for the online sellers to prepare for that battle, not just put the product on sales and wait for the customers to come in. 

You need to equip your store and design your customer experience in a way that can make the most of all the potential traffic and purchasing intent that comes with this time of year.

In this article, I will mention about best Shopify apps that help you sell more at this November time. You do not have to pay money for the best preparation, all of the following will be free Shopify apps, which make you a really good ROI. Let's check them out:


1. PageFly - Build a high-converting landing page and track ROI

Free install


Advertising and pulling traffic to a sale landing page bring higher conversion rate and helps you to sell more than to a website. A landing page is much more focused than a website and you can add high converting elements such as customer review, trust badge, product hero banner... Shopify themes barely support those, or you have to buy really expansive themes. That's the reason why you should choose PageFly

PageFly is established by the SellerSmith team and help you build Shopify homepage, collection pages, product pages and any sale landing pages. Besides, it supports powerful mobile editing and analytics function.

If you want to build landing pages quicker with powerful tracking to get higher conversion rate, PageFly can be a good choice


Why PageFly?

  • Quickly build the landing page with Drag and Drop editing & 25+ page elements.
  • See the traffic & sales with Analytics Dashboard and Google Analytics & Facebook pixel integration.
  • Mobile Editing. Build unique content for mobile or tablet devices only.


Free install PageFly now!


2. Sales Pop - Real-time notification for better buying confidence

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free shopify apps for BFCM

The list of high converting elements that you should add includes Social proof elements, which says that human is social creatures. What is proven by society will be easily accepted.

Sales Pop is built by Beeketing team with that concept of social proof and boost your sales. The app helps you display purchase activities in your store via real-time notification popups. When customers know what other people are buying from your store, it creates a positive influence and motivates them to buy your products.


Why Sales Pop?

  • Real-time notification of recent sales to increase customer buying confidence on your Shopify store
  • Build trust and credibility by letting customers know what other shoppers are doing on your store
  • An influential selling tool to create sense of a busy store and boost sales


Free install Sales Pop now!

free shopify marketing app for bfcm


3. In Stock Alerts - "out of stock" does not means "stop selling"

From $0.00/month


BFCM is not only a battle for sellers but also for buyers. Your product will run out of stock as fast as you can imagine. But you do not lose the customer who is late so you will leave them a signal that "out of stock" does not mean "stop selling", the product will be coming again in a few day

In Stock Alerts by Swym Corporation is built on that idea. If your product is running out of stock. The system still let customer fill in their email to get notification when the product is available again


Why Swym In Stock Alerts?

  • Out of stock products? Products on sale? Bring customers back to your Shopify store with personalized Product alert emails
  • Easy installation, simple configuration steps, and extensive customization capabilities
  • Get access to key performance metrics for your site and insights on your most engaging users & your most in-demand products


Free install In Stock Alert now!

free shopify marketing apps for bfcm


4. Boost your sale with Discounted Upsells app

Free install


free Shopify apps for BFCM

Getting new customer is not the only way that you can sell more product. It is the fact that you can sell better to the old customer. Let's imagine, when you decide to buy a product with a discount price, then you will be offered another discount when buying the second item. It would be very exciting. That is the concept of successful up-sell and cross-sell.

Discounted Upsells app by the Booster team takes good advantages of that concept and. It helps you quickly and easily set up different discount upsells and start making more sales with full customization


Why Discounted Upsells?

  • Discounted Upsells! Generate more sales through upsell products at discounted rates
  • No duplicate variants, unlike other apps! Fully compatible with all Shopify sales channels and inventory management.
  • It is totally free, a very good return on investment.


Free install Discounted Upsells now!

free shopify marketing apps for bfcm


5. Create scarcity with Countdown Cart

Free install


free shopify apps for BFCM

Scarcity is also one of high converting elements. People are more likely to buy things that are rare or hard to come by. If something is marketed as a “limited time offer” people will rush to buy it as they will feel a sense of urgency and fear of loss. Scarcity all boils down to- “get something before you lose it forever”.

A lot of Shopify app that dig deeper into that psychology. Among the free ones, Countdown Cart app by Beekeeping team may be the most powerful one. This app includes 3 powerful widgets on the product pages showing the scarcity as well as the popularity of your products. These widgets are your influencing tools that raise the urgency to make customers buy faster and create a significant increase in your sales.

1. Countdown timer: Give every customer an ultimatum: To buy as soon as possible to not lose the deal if the countdown hits zero. The easiest and quickest way to convert sales.

2. Social proof: Highlight the popularity of your products: The feature shows, in real time, the number of visitors who have viewed your products and how many of them were sold. It creates a positive influence, builds trust on your brand and motivates them to buy your products.

3. Stock countdown: Show how many items left in stock of every single product in your store. Increase the perceived value of your products and make your customers want it more because they think that these products are running out.


    Why Countdown Cart?

    • Countdown timer to create urgency for your deals. Drive customers' actions and urge them to buy before time runs out.
    • Stock countdown to display the limited availability of your products. Create scarcity, increase the perceived value of your products and make your customers buy faster.
    • Social proof to let customers know how many people are viewing your product and how many items were sold, thus strengthen their buying confidence. Build trust and increase sales.


    Free install Countdown-cart now!

    free shopify marketing apps for bfcm 2017


    6. Get referred with Swell

    From $0.00/month


    free shopify app by BFCM

    Nothing can help you gain a new customer better your customers themselves. However, the customers also need some incentive to recommend your product to someone who is close to them. That's what Swell by Swell Reward does, it helps you to create reward and promotion to people who refer your product to a friend.

    Besides, what makes Swell really outstanding is that it cares about not only referral but also the customers themselves. When they buy a product or refer a friend, they get some point. These points can turn into discount or reward for the customers. As a marketing principle, 20% of your old customer can make 80% of your profit. Swell help you keep those 20% loyal customers


    Why choose Swell?

    • Proven-effective rewards program, referral program, and email capture for Shopify stores…all in one easy-to-use app!
    • With over 10 unique ways to reward your customers and enterprise-level customization tools, your program will be a perfect extension of your brand!
    • Benefit from our generous free plan: virtually all of our reward options and many other features are 100% free to use until you reach 100 orders/month!


    Free install Swell now! 

    free shopify marketing app for BFCM 2017 


    All these Shopify apps mentioned above are efficiency-proven by Shopify merchants but start from $0.00, which can bring you very good ROIs for your BFCM campaign this November and beyond. If you want to rock Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest sale event of all time, you better start getting ready for today, step by step, come up a strategy, build up a landing page and so on!

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