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Start Your Shopify Fashion Store: Weekly Inspiration Issue #1

Start Your Shopify Fashion Store: Weekly Inspiration Issue #1
"Serve the world unselfishly and profit."
– Ezra Firestone, eCommerce expert & founder of


Ok, so you’re convinced you want to start an online fashion store, and no one can talk you out of it.

Now what?

Starting up can be confusing, maybe even a little intimidating. However if you’re not an eCommerce expert, fret not...there’s still room for you in the world of online fashion.

In fact it’s never been easier with platforms like Shopify and an abundance of Shopify apps to aid you.

Now you may be wondering, why Shopify?

To cut a long story short, it solves the problem of having to build your own website from scratch. That right no longer belongs exclusively to advanced coders and I.T nerds.

Shopify is the ultimate all in one platform packed with features and used by over 600,000 merchants to host their online stores. They’re one of the biggest eCommerce giants right now and show no signs of slowing down.

Need a more detailed explanation of Shopify and it’s features? Check out this article.


So, whether you have found your fashion niche or you’re in need of inspiration, by the time you have finished reading this you should have clarity around creating your very own Shopify fashion store.

Let’s dive in head first as always with your weekly dose of inspiration - this week it’s all about fashion!


Inspirational Shopify Fashion Stores



Bremont Mobile Product Page

Time began for Bremont in 2002 when their love of flying aircrafts inspired them to create stunning pilot’s watches.

Their Shopify store showcases:

  • Beautiful high quality watch face photography
  • Clean, classic design reminiscent of the 1950’s
  • Hover-over drop down menu
  • Seamless mobile integration
  • Compelling brand backstory
  • Extensive customer support funnels

This site screams class, sophistication, ingenuity and practicality. Could it be time to open a watch shop of your own?



Kharakapas homepage

Kharakapas product page

Kharakapas collection page 

Kharakapas Mobile Screenshot


Bold. Colourful. Empowered. Elegant. These are some of the words that come to mind when browsing through this website filled with stunning images of “powerhouse” women wearing traditional garments from India.

Their Shopify store showcases:

  • Integrated FaceBook Messenger
  • Blog integration
  • Interactive product page
  • Bright, colourful photography
  • Hover over drop down menu
  • Quick shop feature
  • Multiple currency options
  • Poetic product collection descriptions

Navigating through this site is like walking through an interactive art gallery filled with colourful paint splashed canvases. We’re definitely not ‘saree’ for sharing this unique Shopify fashion store with you!



Gymshark Landing Page

Gymshark Mobile Creenshot

Gymshark - where fashion meets fitness. They are set to be one of the most iconic sports apparel brands in the world. With a huge social media following and sponsoring many well known athletes, they are truly on their way to rivalling Nike and Adidas.

Their crisp site showcases:

  • Filter by colour option
  • Live Chat
  • Supreme Instagram integration
  • Clean, minimal design
  • Slick mobile integration

Gymsharks Shopify store is truly intuitive and packed with features to make the experience as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.


Roden Gray

Roden Gray

Roden Gray Collection Page

Roden Gray Mobile Screenshot

This high-end Shopify store showcases:

  • Large, bold photography
  • Shop by designer option
  • Filter items option
  • Intuitive, interactive display
  • Email collection pop-up

This site screams quality with its minimal display and clean use of fonts (let’s not forget the price tags!).



Hardgraft Landing Page


Hardgraft mobile screenshot

The use of greys and brown gradients give this site a feel of sophistication and quality.

Some unique features showcased:

  • Continuous scroll down landing page
  • Large emphasized fonts
  • Menu colour gradient
  • Hover over quick shop options
  • Unique tone of voice in their web copy

This Shopify store is truly enjoyable to navigate as well as being aesthetically pleasing. There’s no ‘hard grafting’ involved while shopping here. Check it out to get inspired.

Get inspired by any of these stores? Now you can pinpoint exactly which Shopify theme they are using and try it for your own Shopify store. 

How To Do It: Simply use our Shopify Theme Finder. Check It Out HERE.

House of Holland

House of Holland Landing Page

House of Holland

House of Holland Collection Page

House of Holland Mobile Page

It’s big and it’s bold. House Of Holland’s use of oversized fonts and colourful photography really grabs your attention and signals a fresh, fun brand.

Some cool features:

  • Instagram shopping
  • Multiple currency options
  • Interactive product pages
  • Celebrity interviews
  • Upcoming product insights

This Shopify store makes a fiesty statement and is the perfect inspiration if you want a website that truly stands out from the crowd.



Noah Landing Page

Noah Mobile Page

With physical stores in New York, Tokyo and London, the Noah Shopify online store is part blog part rebellious urban skate fashion.

Some features we enjoy:

  • Large photography gallery
  • Focus on content
  • Extensive product and fabric descriptions
  • Blog integration
  • Zendesk customer support
  • Image carousel landing pages

The retro vibe of Noah’s Shopify store is as much inviting as it is engaging. The heavy focus on content brings more value to the customer’s experience. A perfect example of eCommerce and content marketing carried out with style.



AUrate Landing Page

AUrate Collection Page

AUrate Mobile Screenshot

A weekend brunch between two old friends became AUrate, a mission to provide high quality jewelry with an honest price tag.

Some things we love about this Shopify store:

  • Use of columns combining photography and text
  • Minimal design
  • Stunning HD videos embedded
  • Peach and cream tones signal elegance
  • Intuitive drop down menus
  • Free express shipping from NYC
  • Compelling brand story and values

This is a tale of how a simple brunch can evolve into an iconic brand with a captivating mission statement. If that’s not inspirational I don’t know what is!


Inspiration and Originality

We urge you to have a look around these sites, get a feel for them and draw inspiration where needed to fuel your own desires to start a Shopify fashion store.

After all, originality is overrated. 

Why? Because nothing is truly original. There are only old things being rediscovered all the time. Over and over again.

Most creatives believe that if they are not original, they won’t be successful. But still, most creatives still start out copying the work of those that inspire them.

Fun fact - most people only find their own voice, after spending some time sounding like someone else.

Originality Quote


These statements about originality hold particularly true when it comes to sales. Most people are more reluctant to try something completely new vs something they’re already familiar with.

So, instead of trying to be original, seek to be authentic. Seek to inspire others through your journey, through your story.

Starting your very own Shopify fashion store has never been easier. Every one of these stunning stores have been created using the Shopify platform and powerful apps.

The team at SellerSmith provide all the tools and information you could ever need to make it possible. As always our aim is to equip you with the highest state of readiness to maximize profit in your eCommerce journey.


Feeling inspired yet? Come with me, follow this link and start your Shopify 14 Day Free Trial now. It only takes 5 minutes!

Until next week!

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