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Shopify Services Stores: Weekly Inspiration Issue #6

Shopify Services Stores: Weekly Inspiration Issue #6
“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room on earth”


I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t have a product to sell. Shopify isn’t for me. I shouldn’t have eaten that whole bag of potato chips last night ” Well, think again.

Shopify is often used with great success for companies who want to showcase services but do not sell a physical product.

So this one's dedicated to all the Shopify misfits. Who don’t quite fit into any product category but rather provide much needed and unique services.

We’re going to talk today, you and me, a little bit about the importance of serving, mindset and of course, show you some inspirational Shopify services stores.

These stores are harder to track down but nevertheless, I’ve compiled a super awesome list in usual fashion to inspire and entice you to start your own.

But before you go on, feel free to check out last week’s post on Shopify electronics stores.


The Importance Of Serving Others For Your Own Success (and happiness).

Psssst.. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. The answer to why serving others is so important is quite simple. But often overlooked.

When you serve, you discover that often the most important things you have to offer are not things at all.

But what does this mean exactly?

It means you can often give more by giving less. You don’t need to rely on material contributions to provide joy, security, comfort, relief. And this is super relevant being a business owner. Because although people may WANT a product, they’ll most likely NEED a service. It’s all about identifying your target audiences pain points, and quite often, a product can’t solve their problem.

Plus, contributing beyond yourself creates the positive in you. It becomes a feedback loop of positive energy flowing back into itself, like the snake that eats its own tail. It's known as Ouroboros and represents the perpetual cyclic renewal of life and infinity.



The more you serve, the more joy you receive, which in turn allows you to serve better, thus further increasing your own wellbeing. 

Your actions don’t need to be big or expensive to mean much, just thoughtful.

Therefore, here is this week’s pick for Inspirational Shopify services stores showcasing beautiful websites.


Inspiration Shopify Services Stores

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Childrens villages

SOS Childrens Villages

SOS Mobile Page

SOS Children’s Villages fall somewhere in between a product and a service. They provide gifts that raise awareness and support orphaned and abandoned children around the world. They offer a wide variety of products as an intervention with families to help them in the developing world.

They have homed an incredible 80,000 children in 134 different countries!

Their efforts are kind and selfless. If you’ve ever thought about entering into a non-profit sector check out their website for inspiration.

Their web presence is filled with the smiling faces of children who were once lost, now belonging to loving homes - being raised with care and respect.

SOS Gifts are truly the gifts of hope – helping keep families together and preventing child abandonment. You can read more about their success with Shopify here.


Stretch Tents

Stretch Tents


Need to rent a tent? These guys have got you covered. Literally.

What’s the first thing I notice on Stretch Tents? The opening statement about price oozes confidence. They’ve used large hero images to showcase their tents being used in action at events.

Stretch tents pride themselves on being able to provide tents and marquees for all your promotional needs. The copy used on site is firm and confident. It’s informative, with sizing guides, FAQs, fabric descriptions and blog content.


Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

Not Another Bunch Of Flowers

NOBOF Mobile

I love this concept. Flowers, although beautiful, can seem thoughtless and generic at times. Not to mention they provide temporary joy before they wither away and die. A reminder of the fragility of life might not always be the best choice for somebody suffering from illness.

There’s an irony to this story though. The founder was actually inspired to start this business after receiving a bunch of flowers during her battle with breast cancer. Many bouquets later, friends and family didn’t know what else to send.

So Anikka Burton took it upon herself to solve that problem.

What I love most about the site is the element of storytelling. It’s an incredible one too. Read about Anikka’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur, a mother and a charity advocate here. It’s pretty heartwarming.




Veestro Mobile

Ah food. It’s one of the things that truly brings people together. Veestro provide a la carte, meal packs, weight loss and juice cleanses delivered right to your doorstep. Perfect for people who are time-starved and nutritionally deprived.

They’ve simplified the process by breaking it down into visual steps with large font and graphics.

On their site you can see plenty of green call to action buttons to order and find out more information. So vital when creating your site to make sure people don’t navigate away.

I will say it once more because it’s that important. Making the purchasing process as easy as possible on your site is one of the most valuable things you can ever do. Us fickle humans get flustered when it’s not laid out right in front of us, and we do not want to waste time deciphering a site to just to make a purchase. Take your prospects by the hand and show them exactly what they need to do.

Veestro have done a great job in this regard. To make similar sites with call to action buttons you can use PageFly Advanced Page builder.


Shazzy Fitness

Shazzy Fitness

As soon as I land on Shazzy’s website I’m immediately met with footage of a man vaguely resembling Will Smith gettin’ jiggy with a dance crew. Shazzy Fitness is a Christian dance fitness class, and maybe the first of it's kind.

They cleverly researched the pain points of their target demographic - a dance based method of getting fit minus the generic and “suggestive” moves as they state it.

Shazzy fitness email pop up

The email pop tool they use is really effective for capturing leads. They offer of “3 FREE Dance Instruction Videos” is enticing and urges people to sign up. They’ve used Shopify Sumo app for this feature to increase conversions and sales.


Shazzy fitness testimonials

The site is filled with testimonials and features on prominent entertainment magazines. They also have a live chat feature for support, powered by Zendesk. This builds trust and credibility once again as leaders in their industry.


Shazzy fitness Blog

They’ve also used a blog preview feature that lets people read a snippet of content before deciding on which topic to read about. I personally love this feature. Just make sure your headlines are exciting enough to draw the reader in.

It’s bright, energetic and quite honestly looks like a lot of fun.

Read about their success here.


The Magic Of Mindset

People often disregard execution as a tool. I’m talking about simply taking an action towards something. Anything good you will ever achieve is simply from being proactive. This is the most important mindset to achieve. You see, without execution skills everything else is futile.

There are others of course. The mindset of wealth, gratitude and positivity. Creativity, innovation and flexibility.  

But the mindset of execution will pay off in dividends as a business owner. Being consistent in your executions no matter how small. Hack away at your goals a little bit every day and cross that threshold that holds a lot of people back. The barrier that stops people from being DOers. People that do, create their own success.

The execution is all the hard work, sweat and tears, combined with self‑discipline, resilience and persistence to get things done.

So how do you get into the execution mindset?

The key step in the execution phase is to work on your goals on a daily basis, and measure progress at regular intervals, the so-called sprints.

In the execution mindset you brutally focus and fully commit.

The fundamental element of execution is focus. That’s because the power of focus is uncapped. Enormous. You have to focus on the right thing, of course.

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain and author summed it up quite perfectly.

"I understand there's a guy inside me who wants to lay in bed, smoke weed all day, and watch cartoons and old movies. My whole life is a series of stratagems to avoid and outwit that guy."

If you want to execute today, sign up for your Shopify free 14 day trial. It’s super quick and easy, you don’t need a credit card, and you’ll get a taste for Shopify and it’s capabilities.

Until next week!

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