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Shopify Free Trial with SellerSmith Starter Kit: open your store and get first sales.

Shopify Free Trial with SellerSmith Starter Kit: open your store and get first sales.

Shopify is the excellent e-commerce platform to help entrepreneurs to get started quickly with opening own business. It comes with the free trial, and you have 14 days to pass the learning curve and set up the store. For two weeks you have to learn how Shopify works, what Shopify theme to choose, and so on. Usually, it takes more than 14 days to finish the simple Shopify store. In this blog post, we’ll find out how to get enough Shopify free trial time to set up our business.


What it looks like open the Shopify store? Does 14 days Shopify Trial enough time?

We have been on the Shopify market and the ecosystem for 2+ years. During that time we have been working with Shopify merchants and finally got listed officially as Shopify Expert. We gained valuable lessons from setting up the Shopify stores, making Shopify themes like SalesHunter and were creating Shopify pages with the PageFly app, and doing small shop tasks. To open the Shopify store, you have to go through essential steps:

  • Register the Shopify store with 14 days free trial. Later you’d know how to get more Shopify free trial days actually via SellerSmith Starter Kit.
  • Learn the difference and pick the best Shopify plan to fit your business. We have a great post about that explaining the value of each Shopify plans.
  • Find out the relevant Shopify theme. If you’re on the tight budget, free Shopify theme might helps, but they are very limited and basic.
  • Shopify system comes a clean and has essential features to help you build the simple store. What if you want to customize your Shopify stores pages like home, collection, product, about us and other types?
  • Learn how Shopify works and find out solutions that work for you. Shopify gurus know Shopify products well. What if you need the specific customization or at least direction answer with your problem?

Mentioned things are essential, and Shopify 14 days free trial is not enough to discover Shopify fully and find its benefits. From 14 up to 21 days of using Shopify is about understanding the system and setting up your shop. Working with customers, we know that pain points, and that’s why we have made SellerSmith Starter Kit package. It was designed for you entrepreneurs to get started with Shopify quickly and has essential tools to


SellerSmith Starter Kit: Shopify free trial up to 21 days, free SalesHunter Theme, PageFly page builder app.

The kit package includes three essential components including Shopify Plan (21 days free trial), SalesHunter Shopify theme (available exclusively for SellerSmith community), and PageFly page builder app (with extended 49 days free trial).

How your Shopify store will look like?

Here is the store’s back - end after you receive the login information. You’ll have the access to all features in the Shopify plan including Gift Cards and Profession Reports. build your online business.

shopify free trial with 21 days from sellersmith starter kit


You can add up to 15 staff accounts for your Shopify store.

shopify free trial with 15 accounts 

By default, you’ll have the Debut Shopify theme installed on the store. In the case, if you need SalesHunter Shopify theme just let us know. We’ll help you install the theme if you need help.

debut shopify theme but you get saleshunter shopify theme for free 

You have 21 days to use Shopify under SellerSmith’s partner plan. After that period you’d have to switch to one of Shopify paid plans from $29 - $299. If you’re ready to get the ownership and start right away with online store feel free to let us know via We’ll be happy to speed-up the process of Shopify store transfer.

transfer shopify store at anytime just ask us


SalesHunter Shopify theme

This theme is exclusively distributed via and we provide free support. SalesHunter Shopify theme has 03 styles which can fit your business.


Nudy SalesHunter demo

saleshunter shopify theme nudy demo


Black SalesHunter demo

black saleshunter shopify theme demo


Neon SalesHunter demo

neon saleshunter shopify theme demo


PageFly - ecommerce page builder

The PageFly app was born with the goal to help you customize Shopify store. Let’s say if you want to build a great looking home page matching your brand, the PageFly can do that. Moreover, the customization covers other e-commerce pages like product, collection, password (coming soon) type pages. You can build e-commerce landing pages with 40+ pre-designed templates included in the app. Instead of 14 days free trial you get up to 49 days.

pagefly landing page builder app

Let’s take an action. Open your Shopify store now…

The process is really simple, and it takes only 12 - 24 hours for approval with two simples steps:

  1. You fill the form.
  2. We review your information and get back via email.


UPDATES. September 21, 2018.

This Exclusive Offer is ended now! We'll give more promotions in the near future.

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