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03 Must Have Shopify Apps to boost your sales during Christmas promotion

03 Must Have Shopify Apps to boost your sales during Christmas promotion

Christmas holiday is almost here. Shopify merchants might have not enough time for preparation for the latest promotion campaign in this year. However, does it possible to launch the latest promotion campaign? In this blog post, we’ll review 03 must have Shopify apps to use for running the Christmas promotion campaign. They are easy to install and use plus have the impact on your shop sales. For the limited timing, you can still run the own promotion activities to increase the average order value from existing visitor on your shop.


01 - Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom

The timing factor is matters in any promotion campaigns. With Christmas event, we’ll need to inform customers about the latest deal in the year. The obvious place to feature the message is the header bar. Besides, to make the customer’s decision quicker, we’ll be adding the countdown as well.


The Countdown app works like a charm and a quite stable. With the pre-designed Christmas theme you can easily configure the appropriate pre new year atmosphere. As you can see with the image below there are convenient options and settings to configure the content in the bar. The position of the time countdown is in the center of the bar. Finalizing the bar with the attractive CTA “Shop now”, the content you can change normally.

The header Christmas bar you might target to the specific pages on your store. In that case, Countdown app by Hextom has the option to show the bar on the specific pages. It’s a quite convenient and target only to the audience that you decide. The desktop and mobile device targeting is supported so that you can set up the Christmas campaign targeting only to mobile users. When you use it more, you’ll fall in love with it. It has all necessary options for creating the precise targeting and in that way you save the money.

The bar looks nicely on my store on both desktop and mobile devices.


02 - Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails

I’m pretty sure that you know the purchase flow well and aware that there are percentage of customers who added the products to the cart, passed to the checkout page, BUT… they abandon the cart / checkout page. As the reason might be related to the pricing, shipping policy, crashed Internet connection or any other reasons…


In that case, the Shopify app Beautiful Abandoned Cart Emails solves that problem perfectly. Just want the intro video, and you’ll understand how the app works.


Inside the app with the standard Shopify flow. The app will need your permission to get access to view products, orders, customers and manage your online store.

The User interface is simple, so you just two settings including Abandoned Orders and Email Settings. If you have questions, there is FAQ section near mentioned buttons.

The special attention deserve the options “First Email” and “Second Email” which is located in the Cart Recovey Email Settings. As we see, they provide in someway the automation email marketing follow up, but just for the 2nd email.


Inside the page, scrolling down, you can notice two parts of editing dashboard. The first one covers the header area of HTML Email template, and the second one is about the body content itself.


03 - Exit Offers

Exit Offers Shopify app might seriously help you with solving the problem of abandoned users from the cart or any other Shopify pages. The idea is if the price of your target customers are sensitive, so this app helps you keep users by offering the special discount.

The interface is really simple to use. You just type the content message to the exit offer popup window.

The awesome thing is this app can show you the conversion rate with and without this app so that you will understand the true value of investment in this app. The simple “stats” tab also provide information related to “increase in sales” after using this app. The tricky thing here is you have to decide how many percents to give the discount, and the best thing is to test and test.


In conclusion...

In conclusion, as you can see there are only 03 solutions via Shopify apps. Focusing on the quality of the app and the way it solves the problem will boost your sales during the holiday event. All apps are coming with 7 or 14 days free trial so that you won’t lose anything. Just the time for setup and just a few minutes to understand how it works.

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