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Shopify 60 vs 30 day trial. Myth or reality?

As you know at the present you can register Shopify and try any plans with 14 day free trial. However, in the Google search and related ecommerce and marketer forums discussion about Shopify 60 day trial for free. Is this real to get this exclusive privilege? We’ve done some research and found out what was there to clarify things for you. Let’s move with the details. 

    1. Shopify free trial 60 day. Is this real?
    2. Maybe Shopify 45 day trial? Let’s do a quick research
    3. And now there is the only Shopify 30 day trial registration link
    4. Why we should choose the Shopify paid plan? Not the Trial plan?


shopify free trial 14 days


Shopify free trial 60 day. Is this real?

We’ve made a deep research with finding out the rumor about 60 day free trial of Shopify platform. By the intensive googling we’ve found out that we are not alone and some users also were doing the search. After moving from one website to another one the brand name “xxx” popped up (we cannot disclosure the details). We’ve been doing the search further with that partner link and found it out. However, the link does not exist anymore and if you type directly, it’ll redirect you to the homepage of Shopify website.

google search shopify trial


Maybe Shopify 45 day trial? Let’s do a quick research

Shopify 45 day free trial is also a good amount of time to give a try with Shopify and fully experience the platform with Shopify theme and apps. So we made googling again and found out the xxx partner as the trusted partner of Shopify. However, the offer again is not available anymore, we could not find the page of the partner with the clear message “Start your free 45-day trial today!” call to action. If you use Google cache results, you maybe could find the page with that content.


[UPDATED] And now there is the only Shopify 30 day trial registration link?

You can now get the benefit with Shopify free trial above the standard period. Below is the image of the Shopify landing page with 1-month free trial. Register now, so you can take this benefit because Shopify guys will change the trial period from time to time.

UPDATE. July 26: the link doesn’t exist anymore and the promotion just ended.


shopify free trial exclusive deal

Another case we have found that you can go directly to the Shopify site of the Philippines domain then you’d see the 30 days free trial sign up the link. It’s clear that the free trial time is quite different from a different market. Some market takes more time to learn the product and see the “value” in it. The learning curve takes time so just use 30 days free trial to fully understand what Shopify can do for you.

And to make sure it’s work and doesn’t break the Shopify TOS (Terms of Services) I have contacted to Shopify gurus and they confirmed that the trial is available only in Philippines businesses. So if you’re not in Philippines I’m afraid there is no such free trial period.

In any cases, 30 days Shopify trial, or 45 vs 60. The Shopify platform is so easy to use and it works like a charm. So find your credit card then just register Shopify plan. The actual charges would be applied only by the end of a trial period. So your credit card won’t be charged at all!

If you’re wondering which Shopify plans to choose with free trial consider to spend 5 minutes with this blog review.

register shopify 30 days trial shopify Philippines


Why we should choose the Shopify paid plan? Not the Trial plan?

Just keep in mind when you sign up for Shopify trial at the bottom of the page you’d see the notification bar asking you to choose the plan. If you just playing around there is not necessary to insert the credit card information. However, let’s say if you want to discover the Shopify apps and install it on your store. So free Shopify apps can be installed normally, BUT the paid apps require you to have the paid Shopify subscription plans.

choose shopify plan


When you click on “Select a plan” button there would be a new page opened. Today is May 8, so in my case just need to choose the plan and set the reminder to cancel before June 8 if I don’t have needs in Shopify store. Even if I forgot to cancel the subscription contacting with Shopify will definitely resolve the issue. They have 24/7 support timeframe.    

clear shopify plan charge message


I’ve made a quick experiment with the installation paid Shopify app. After confirmation the installation of the app I’m redirected to the “edit credit card” page. In order to use the paid app I should fill the credit card information.

upgrade the credit card on shopify for the paid plan


That’s all for now, so we hope you have found this blog post useful and start your own business with 30 days Shopify free trial. Shopify platform is really powerful and worth to give a try, you’ll verify whether it fits your needs. If you’re ready to get started with the entrepreneurship feel free to click button below. The 14 days free trial offer might expire soon, so hurry up. 

Register Shopify 14 days trial


The featured blog post photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

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