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PageFly Shopify App 1.0.6 is out! What's new?

Two weeks passed since the latest release PageFly Shopify page builder app version 1.0.5. Finally PageFly 1.0.6 is shipped successfully after the massive testing and overtime work at the last weekend. With this release, we focused on rebuilding the PageFly core code base with React V16.0 and UI refinement to make the app easier to use. Besides, some page elements have been added, so let’s move forward with details…


To work with PageFly without bugs, please make sure that you cleared the cache of web browser and used Google Chrome. PageFly pages work on most popular web browsers, but the get the best PageFly editing experience it’s recommended to use Chrome.

PageFly Welcome Dashboard has a new UI

In the brand new PageFly dashboard, we designed the space area with 05 information sections:

  1. Getting started area. The onboarding process was awful, and we understand that Shopify merchants find hard to use the product. So since this version, you can watch the video tutorial how to create the PageFly page. There is also the text CTA (Call To Action) directing you to submit a support ticket if you need help.
  2. Manage Pages. The idea of this section came from our own needs when we want to get access to the pages built with PageFly App. You can easily continue the work with latest pages created with PageFly.
  3. Page analytics. Quick access to important numbers of your store data. The data is synced automatically from your Google Analytics account.
  4. Notification Area - Latest Blog posts. At least 1 - 2 blog posts per week with tips and tricks for using PageFly and related to increasing your store sales.
  5. Notification Area - FAQ. Weekly update tutorials related to the product usage. You’ll learn how to maximize PageFly usage and get benefits from it.



Manage Pages is redesigned a little bit

As you can see the new version, PageFly has the new area with two buttons: Settings and Support. The block section containing buttons “Create a new page”, “Use your product page” and “View page analytics” has been moved to the left part of the list of your PageFly pages. We also renamed content page creation for the product page as “Use your product page.” During past, we have noticed that PageFly users misunderstand the purpose of that button. It’s you create the additional content and assign it to the existing product page. It’s not about the building the new product page with the PageFly app.


The newly designed Account page

This is the first step of preparation for the PageFly PAID subscription plan. Right after this version release, you can expect to see the next version of the premium plan. This page contains the basic information about the subscription plan of the PageFly app. If you want to be notified about the release PageFly PRO plan, just sign up to our newsletter.


Refined PageFly Editing UI Dashboard

The PageFly page builder editing dashboard has been redesigned a little bit. With moving the section "landing page template picker" from left column to the top bar (1), re-ordered the page elements (2) to make it easier to work with, added the element search box feature (3) and other stuff.


The landing page template picker has a new home

We’ve moved the icon to choose the landing page template to a new place. Why have we done that? Well… the feature of getting started with the pre-designed landing page is used only 01 or maybe few times during the session. So we thought that there was no serious demand.


Say hi to “Sections”. Page Elements has reorganized a little bit.

In the page element list, you can see new changes. When you click on the page element icon on the left column, you’d see 02 sections consisting of Page Elements and Sections. The section contains ready to use page elements compacted into the section. It’d save your time for page building and speed up the whole process.


In addition, when building the landing page we have noticed that some page elements are frequently used, some of them are not. So we putted the most frequently used elements to the top of list starting from “Layout”, continue with “Heading”, “Paragraph” and other elements.


Elements Search box

Also, when building the landing page we have noticed that some page elements are frequently used, some of them are not. So we put the most frequently used elements to the top of the list starting from “Layout”, continue with “Heading”, “Paragraph” and other elements.


Page element “Image with text overlay”

You have been asking a lot how to create such section with PageFly builder and we decided to make the job easier for you by creating “ready to use page element” combination.

This section contains:

  • Background image
  • Headline
  • Paragraph
  • CTA


PageFly Elements - Countdown

When building the landing page for Shopify we often get the feedback with countdown timer. Since this version we release the simple countdown where you can find in the page elements list. The countdown is the must have element when it comes to building the sales landing page.


PageFly Section - product with countdown

Going further with the countdown idea, you can quickly create the product with the countdown to build holiday and promotions landing pages for Shopify. This PageFly version ships with two variations (1) the countdown inside the product above the add to cart button, and (2) the countdown above the featured Shopify product.

After using it it looks like the image below


PageFly Section - Newsletter

You can choose any of 03 variations Newsletter section element. One of the most popular usage cases with PageFly is building the landing page to collect leads. So we’ve designed 03 different newsletter form layouts with the connection to MailChimp service.


PageFly Section - Tab Product

When it comes to building the home page, it’s often have needs in showcasing the list of products via the tabs. You can find pre-designed tabs with products layout in the “Tab Product” section. You can choose 04 variations for customizing your Shopify page.


The Image element now has full width 100% option

When you choose the image page element you’ll see one more size option allowing you to choose 100% width setting. This improvement came to the execution after many feedback from PageFly users.


Newly added tutorials in the help center & text caption for videos

And the last but not least thing, we’ve added the caption text to all video tutorials for PageFly page builder How To’s Youtube video serie. To see the caption text you just need to enable the CC subtitle to see our text. It’s easier to follow our video and you’ll learn PageFly app quickly.

Since the latest update we’ve added some tutorials into the PageFly App help center. The new topics cover How to create a slider using HTML element, How to specify the number of column for each device, How to build the text with overlay image and other.

If you’re just getting started with landing page builder for Shopify feel free to install the PageFly app directly from the Shopify app store. Btw, we also have the PageFly private Facebook group , join it to learn more about tips and tricks PageFly usage and connect with like minded entrepreneurs.

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