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What is PageFly

We are definitely not the best of the best. 
But there must be some reasons that make over 12,000+ customers love us, right?

PageFly is created by Shopify experts

Build eCommerce pages

PageFly designed to build high converting Shopify landing pages with 30+ elements.

Optimize mobile design

Mobile editing helps you create better design especially for mobile device.

Start with niche template

Choose from a list of customisable template that are suitable for all niche.

Recommended by
Shopify & 12,000+ Shopify

Dion Fallace

Marketing Manager

Was looking for a way to create better looking pages for a website and found this app. It works amazing and gives you a way to create better looking pages with more features than Shopify's standard way to create pages, especially if the page is not a product page.

The best thing of all- I accidentally deleted this app after spending hours creating 2 pages. I thought I lost everything and had to start from scratch. I installed the app again... and there were all my pages back again as if I never deleted the app! This is what made me write this review and I was so relived and happy to find the app actually remembers you and the pages you created so you don't loose all the work you did. I was so happy! A huge Thank you goes to the developers for that.

Amazing app and best of all it's FREE!

Matías Hernández

CEO & CTO, Velitessport2

Awesome app, awesome support, awesome people! The team at Sellersmith answer immediately and solve doubts satisfactorily. I like PageFLy!!! Great job guys!


Shop owner

We are a manufacturing Company called the Brickslip Brothers, we cut brick slates from natural old brick and sell it to the public and trade for people undertaking renovation projects. I suggested to my boss about moving our window web site to shopify for more of an online presence and it has roller coastered from there, it has been challenging at times i find the shopify default design almost designed with floors and limitations to make people invest in the partner scheme or third party partners to have minor customisation done that cost the earth " 
bang all my prayers answered in one, the ability to be able to pad and move containers, decide the sizing of the text boxes images placement my boss was prepared although through gritted teeth lol to pay a large amount of money to get this completed by a dev, however we have total faith in the pagefly system and rather than rely on someone else all the time to do the coding if we need amendments or to add something like a sale or different features, because of the usability we can now once its designed do it from this end, so we saved money off the bat as the design work was easier and we save money ongoingly because we have the element of control, 
I know pagefly is a new product and how hard from reading about them they have work to develop this app, but i genuinely believe they can totally corner the market here if they continue to develop and push the boundaries. GOOD WORK PAGEFLY KEEP ON KEEPING ON

Pamela McVey

Co-Owner, Make & Stow

I can't even BELIEVE how great this app is. Other apps are comparatively very basic, and don't offer a lot of customization. With PageFly, I built pages EXACTLY how I wanted them to operate and look. It's also fairly intuitive to use, after a bit of experimenting. Thank you for such a quality product!

Korhan Saka

Shop owner

The best app for Shopify! I can built even very complex designs and it is very easy to use. Just a little practice and you can built whatever you want. Perfect mobile integration too. Finally, very fast and effective Customer support available.

PageFly pricing

All plans include live chat and email support. Risk-free. Hassle-free.


Ideal for store landing pages
and marketing pages



  • Basic elements and functions
  • 15+ templates
  • 3-page limit
  • 1 saved section
  • History version
  • Page Outline


14-day Free Trial
Optimal for building a standard eCommerce site


Per Month

Free Plan, Plus:

  • 40+ templates
  • No Page Limit
  • 5 saved section
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Edit Product Page
  • Create Home Page


14-day Free Trial
Best plan for an efficient business


Per Month

Pro Plan, Plus:

  • 20 saved section
  • Slideshow element
  • Import / Export page
  • Edit Collection Page
  • Create Password Page
  • Create Blog Post

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