People are at their best 
when they grow together

We believe people grow fast when they're independent on their own, 
but can only make it far when having like-minded partners.

The name "SellerSmith" originates from the mission to become an expert for sellers - someone who sticks with merchants to guide and support through thick and thin.

Our goal is to make sure you always have everything you need to make your store look, feel, and grow its best.

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Of development, design and marketing


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We’ve made a long way to create awesomeness together. 
Drop by and say hi sometimes, we love human.

Victor Bui

Co-founder - The Leader

Richard Nguyen

Developer - The Captain

Tony Bui

Marketer - The Strategist

Phong Vu

Developer - The Thinker

Cuong Ng

Developer - The Professor

Kate Nguyen

Designer - The Originator

Jade Nguyen

Designer - The Dreamer

Vian Trinh

Marketer - The Creator

Paul Phan

Developer - The Professor

Hoang Vu

Designer - The Mediator

Dung Pham



Customer Success - The Peacemaker


Marketer - The Collector

Huong Nguyen


Minh Duc


Tuan Anh