Item support is a service provided by SellerSmith team. Having support for your purchased item means that the we will be available to you. This page will tell you all about what you can expect from us.

What you should do first?

We have the online documentation site to collect detailed information about PageFly usage. The online documentation also collect most frequently asked technical issues that PageFly users occur while using the app.

Therefore, before submitting a support request, please check the online documentation site. This helps you be more active in finding the solution anytime.

Support channels

Official channels

Unofficial channels

The support questions submitted to the Support Center will be considered high priority.

SellerSmith support offers 10×5 coverage. Hours are 8am - 6pm GMT+7, Monday - Friday. While we sometimes answer requests outside of normal business hours, However, this is not always possible due to time zone differences. Response time can vary from time to time and can be up to 06 hours from Monday to Friday and up to 24 hours for Sat and Sun. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time.

Please also be aware that customization requests may take longer to resolve.


The scope of our support includes the following

  • Bug fixes.
  • Configuration questions or guidance of PageFly app.
  • Compatibility issues with Shopify theme.

Not Covered

  • Configuration of Shopify Store settings.
  • Customizing your Shopify store.
  • Fixing Shopify theme issues.
  • Rewriting code for compatibility with other third party app.
  • Provide their personal information, such as full name, locations, social accounts, etc.
  • Provide any guarantees when providing support.
  • Set a specific time to support and use screen sharing applications.

For Customers

To receive the best support quality, please follow some rules:

  • Use polite language when communicating for support request.
  • Describe your problems as detailed as possible (screenshots or videos are highly recommended).
  • In some cases, leave your site URL and staff account.